4 Questions To Ask Your Criminal Lawyer

If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney, then you must need one badly. It is important to hire the best criminal lawyer Jacksonville in town. You want to find a professional who has lots of experience with the same case as you. But, before you do that, ask these questions to a few defense attorneys and you should get the right answers:

  1. Experience And Background

Upon meeting with a defense attorney, find out his past experience defending similar criminal charges. This is important because you want someone who can help get you off the hook. For example, if you are charged with public intoxication, then you do not need an attorney who specializes in embezzlement or murder.

  1. Case Assessment

Regardless if you are facing charges in a federal, state, or county court, you want to hire a criminal lawyer Jacksonville who can give you an idea of what may come. Some useful questions to ask include:

What aspects of the criminal case would be favorable to me?

What problems would we encounter with my case?

What are the possible legal options? Would it be a trial, a plea agreement, or a guilty plea?

  1. Case Management

This is the term that legal professionals use when talking about logistics of the cases they handle. It is essential that you know what is happening in everything about your case. This is to avoid any misunderstandings during the entire case. You may ask the attorney if he will always be available to represent you or will someone else work with him?

  1. Legal Fees

The majority of criminal defense lawyers charge either by the hour or flat rate. Shop around and look for competitive rates. Keep in mind that those who have plenty of experience or have a good standing may have a higher charge.

Make a decision if it is better to pay more for a law firm or attorney with a good reputation based on the charges filed against you. Ask your lawyer if there are any outside fees you would have to pay.

After meeting with a few criminal defense attorneys, you need to pick one. The answers you get to the questions above should help you find the best criminal lawyer Jacksonville to represent you.