Whiplash: How to File for an Injury Claim

Whiplash is a type of neck injury where a sudden movement of the head in any direction, overstretching and damaging the soft tissues within. This is a common vehicular accident and may manifest immediately, days or even weeks. Here’s what we advise if you are an accident victim of whiplash and how to claim for damages.

Post Accident


As stated earlier, whiplash may appear immediately, days, or weeks. In case you were in a vehicular accident, exchange contact information with the at-fault party. Have the police involved so you can have evidence for claims. Gather as many photos of the accident. Ask for any willing witnesses and exchange information. Documentation will properly substantiate your claim, especially if it was done right after the accident.


Have a Medical Certificate


Have a medical checkup after the accident or there are neck and head pains after a few days. Your doctor will evaluate your symptoms and determine if you are suffering from whiplash. Follow the instructions of your doctor for your fast recovery. Do not forget to have your medical condition certified.


Compensation Available for Whiplash Victims


Whiplash victims are compensated. Generally, your medical expenses will be covered until your full recovery. This includes but is not limited to physical therapy and rehabilitation, medicine prescriptions, and medical professional fee. This will also include the money you lose while you are incapacitated. Compensation will depend on how substantial your case is and the liability of the at-fault party. 


Claim for Damages


File for damages to your insurance agency or the at-fault party’s agency. The at-fault party’s agency will cover your personal injury though this takes longer to claim. You may file on your own insurance agency instead. 


Compile all the documentation related to the accident. This includes all the things you need to do that was mentioned earlier. Fill out all the documents required by the insurance agency. This is the chance where insurance agencies release the money, so they try their best to mitigate the cash being released.




Claiming damages through your insurance agency can be tiresome and even stressful. Due to your condition that you’re suffering, they may offer you the lowest amount they can offer for the sake of your own convenience. Know your rights and consult a personal injury attorney phoenix to claim the amount you deserve.